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IberoDocs is the first showcase for Ibero-American culture in Scotland, focused on documentary films by Spanish, Portuguese and Latin- American filmmakers.

Ibero-America refers to a geographic area that includes Latin American countries as well as Spain and Portugal. The term Ibero-America, which is broadly used in these countries, has been chosen because it most accurately encapsulates the focus of this project: a new and exciting festival focused on documentary films and cultural manifestations from Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

IberoDocs will bring to Edinburgh and Scotland the most significant productions from Ibero-American culture in a festival that will be as distinctive as it is unique.



Our mission is to celebrate the culture and history of Ibero-American countries through documentary films, by establishing an annual event in Scotland that facilitates the understanding of migration and stimulates cultural and social integration.



  • To raise the awareness and accessibility of Ibero-American film and culture in Scotland by establishing a cultural event based in the City of Edinburgh.
  • To present a high-quality and innovative artistic programme including both emerging and established artists, with at least 50% of UK premieres.
  • To build relations with local institutions and cultural organisations in order to promote artistic practise and the creation of new work.
  • To engage with local audiences and integrate the Ibero-American community in Scotland.
  • To create a solid project that has the potential for long term growth both in Scotland and internationally.