IberoDocs 2016 was a great success – but the new year is nearly here and it’s time to move on! We are very proud of all the hard work the whole team put in, particularly our volunteers – without whom the festival wouldn’t have been possible – but we are now endeavouring to develop a new edition of IberoDocs: A better and bigger Ibero American Documentary Film Festival is about to land! We want to bring more small pieces of Iberoamerica to Edinburgh, to fill the North with the beautiful sounds of the Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American languages, with all their accents and singularities.

But to do this, we need your help. That’s why we are delighted to introduce you ‘Doc&Wine’, a great-value night of Ibero-American culture – that we hope will give a shot to our fundraising! For only £8 you will help us to improve the next edition of the festival and we will offer you a fabulous evening in return!
We will show three short films in the fantastic venue of Gayfield Creative Spaces in Gayfield Square:
– ‘Children of the River’ (Javier Macipe, 2014) In the riverside neighbourhood of Oporto, all the children prove their courage by jumping from the stunning bridge Luis I into the Duero river. Leo has never done it before. He is different but is getting tired of everyone thinking he is a coward.

– ‘Flower of a Thousand Colours’ (Karen Vázquez Guadarrama, 2015) An intimate slice of the life of Emiliana, a loving mother who struggles every day with her rough environment: a Bolivian mining camp.

– ‘Our Sea’ (Eileen Hofer, 2016) In Havana, Emilio watches the prima ballerina dancing. He repairs her ballet shoes but doesn’t dare talk to her. He’s too shy. At home, he takes care of his elderly mother and spends some time with his neighbour, the singer Omara Portuondo. Together they watch the sea changing color. A storm is brewing.

But that’s not all! After the show, the party begins! A free drink is included in the price and plenty of food will be available for the hungry ones. All the food will be made by our volunteers and sponsors so you will be able to taste little pieces of heaven for a small donation. We would like to express our gratitude for their generosity as the event wouldn’t be the same without them! Thank you so much!

‘Listen Organic’, the talented duo formed by Carlos Donaire and Jokin Etxebarría, is in charge of creating a fantastic atmosphere with their psychedelic folk music. What more can you ask for a Saturday evening?

We look forward to seeing you on the 10th December from 5.30pm until 9.00pm! A great alternative to the christmassy overfeeding, don’t you think?