13 Mar Thank you



Time flies! It’s just a little over a week since we celebrated Doc&Wine and we are still amazed. Online advance tickets were sold out two days prior to the event and only a lucky few were able to buy their tickets at Gayfield Creative Spaces. Honestly, the outcome exceeded our expectations and, thanks to all your donations, IberoDocs 2017 is now just a little bit closer to reality. We would like, once again, to thank all the attendees and our sponsors for making the evening so special and unforgettable. It was a pleasure to meet lots of familiar faces and we were very happy to see that a bunch of new ones have joined the family. Step by step our dreams come true: IberoDocs is growing slowly but with strength. We knew it was not going to be easy but all our efforts were well worth it. Ibero-American documentaries have now a place in Edinburgh. And we have never been so proud.


Our attendees were delighted from beginning to end. All the wine that the Spanish restaurant La Sal, the Spanish Consulate, and Indaba Deli provided us was the perfect welcome while everyone arrived. Once all the attendees were in their seats, Doc&Wine began. And what a beginning! Both the short documentaries and the short film were well received by everyone. ‘Children of the River’, the fiction piece of this event, served as an excellent appetiser, softening our hearts, ready for the touching ‘Flower of a Thousand Colours’. The show ended with ‘Our Sea’, which provided a counterpoint to the toughness of Karen Vázquez Guadarrama’s work. The three of them were the perfect combination to start a fantastic evening. The talented duo formed by Carlos Donaire y Jokin Etxeberría created a magical atmosphere while the attendees filled their empty stomachs with the nibbles our volunteers and sponsors had cooked in advance. Orinoco surprised us with their tasty empanadas, and Indaba Deli with a stunning Spanish tortilla. The salmorejo and the croquetas delighted even the most demanding palates and were the perfect match for The Arran Malt`s burnitos. The night ended with a raffle loaded with attractive prizes: two complimentary tickets for Camera Obscura, a £50 voucher for The Apartment restaurant, an 8 week Spanish course in Learñ in el Patio and a fantastic tour through the Highlands and Loch Ness with Viajar por Escocia.. We could see a quite a lot of happy faces, indeed.


Due to this overwhelming success, we really want to turn Doc&Wine into our calling card. Doc&Wine is a formal invitation to Scotland to enjoy an authentic Ibero-American evening, a place where Ibero-American culture and documentaries connect. Doc&Wine has already become into a powerful weapon. A weapon which is able to show how the world really is, which is able to move us and open our eyes. Our ammunition is documentary film, and we cannot wait to use it again! That is why Doc&Wine is not going to be an isolated event but a regular appointment for IberoDocs fundraising. The festival is not possible without your help so these events are of particular importance to us. Thank you once again for believing in our project; every individual in Gayfield Creative Spaces played crucial role. We are already looking forward to meeting you all again at the next event which will be even better! Watch this space!