06 Mar I Am Still Here (Kachqaniraqmi) – Sigo siendo (Kachqaniraqmi)

Sun 6 April, 18.15 at Filmhouse

Javier Corcuera · Peru 2012 · 110m
DCP · Quechua Chanka, Shipibo Conibo, Spanish with English subtitles · UK PREMIERE

Kachqaniraqmi is a film about musicians, their stories, the stories they tell with their music, and their relationship with the vast and spectacular Peruvian territory. It is a celebration of life through music.  Director Corcuera travels with these musicians, reconstructing the journeys that have been crucial in their lives and showing the complexities, fissures and beauty of diverse Peruvian cultures and identities.

Festivals & Awards:

–  WINNER Best Documentary Film at Lima Film Festival. Peru. 2013.

–  Official Selection Donostia- San Sebastian Film Festival (Zabaltegui). Spain, 2013.

–  Valladolid International Film Festival (Special Screening). Spain, 2013.