10 Mar Photography Exhibition: ‘City of God RE-VISITED’ 23 March – 9 April

At Filmhouse Cafe Bar

An exhibition of 26 photographies documenting the Rio de Janeiro slum which, until Fernando Meirelles’ 2002 hit film, was considered a non-entry war zone to cameras. A decade later, through director Cavi Borges’ lens we find that sadly, the ‘after’ is still terribly similar to the ‘before’ in that part of Brazil’s most iconic city. However, beyond the prevailing drug trafficking, the militias, and the violence; there is another element that seems to have remained: the sense of a community of people bonded by the hope of a better future. Still to come, it seems.

Photography Exhibition: 'City of God RE-VISITED'1

This exhibition accompanies the screening of the documentary ‘City of God – 10 years later’ on Saturday 5 April at 20.50 part of the IBERODOCS festival programme and was curated by Isabel Moura Mendes.

Photography by: Daniela Cantagalli