16 Abr Humano

Sun 24 May, 5:30pm at Glasgow (CCA)

Alan Stivelman – Argentina / Peru / Bolivia, 2013 – 87m

Spanish and Quechua with English subtitles, UK Premiere




Alan is twenty-five years old and is looking for the reason of his existence, the meaning of life. A camera and a notebook filled with questions are the only items he needs to set off on a journey to the Andes range and into the deepest corners of the subconscious. Through the eyes of Placido, an andean paqo (“priest”), the existence of an invisible world which coexists daily with the visible world will be unveiled to him. Alan wishes to discover the origins of humanity on earth, and for this it is necessary for him to first learn to be Human. Rituals, initiations and new challenges will unfurl before him as “keys” to breaking and broadening his consciousness. Together with Placido he will be taken on an introspective journey such as has never been documented before.