01 May Focus on Galicia

Galician cinema is currently offering a great quantity of quality work in non-fiction. The “New Galician Cinema”, a label used by film critics since 2010 and now widely accepted, defines a risk-taking, experimental and liberated approach to filmmaking echoing the 70’s new wave. It is also making a clear contribution to the aesthetics shaping non-commercial cinema trends worldwide.

Focus on Galicia1

For the first time, Galicia is seen to have a lead creative role recognised and awarded in the international film festival circuit.

Xurxo Chirro’s ode to Galician emigration in Northern Europe ’Vikingland’ played a decisive role towards establishing this trend by being selected for competition at FIDMarseille (France) in 2011.

Eloy Enciso’s ‘Arraianos’ followed the year after premiering at Locarno’s “Concorso Cineasti del presente” thus contributing to the internationalisation of this New Galician Cinema, with a solid film where fiction and documentary combine to dilute boundaries and define a new cinematic discourse.

Having screened Lois Patiño’s ‘Costa da Morte’ last year in Edinburgh as part of an IberoDocs special screening, July 25th (Galicia Day), this year’s ’Mountain in Shadow’ will offer a different perspective on landscape appreciation by this key author in Galician cinema. Eloy Domínguez Serén’s ’Pettring’ also offers a view on Galician memory and identity in the diaspora, a recurring theme by all these young Galician filmmakers.

To complement our Focus on Galicia selection, Pela de Álamo´s ’N-VI’ takes us from Madrid to Galicia along this now abandoned road and David Hernández show us two very personal observations of two cities: Vigo and Porto, underlining the shared cultural roots of Galicia and Portugal, already addressed by ’Arraianos’.

We are proud to have Beli Martínez (producer of ‘Vikingland’ and ‘Arraianos’) and Pela del Álamo (director of N-VI) with us in Scotland during the festival (see dates and times in the programme). I am certain they will be worthy ambassadors of this new wave of artistic creation emerging and converging in Galicia.

Xose-Ramón Rivas