16 Abr N-VI Vanishing Roadsides

Sat 23 May, 5:30pm at Glasgow (CCA)

Péla del Alamo – Galicia, Spain 2012 – 87m

Spanish and Galician with English subtitles, UK Premiere




We used to travel along roads that went through inhabited places. Now, those roads have been replaced by motorways isolated from the landscape they cross. For a long time, the N-VI was one of the most important roads in Spain, its 600 kilometres being the link between Madrid and Galicia. The A-6 motorway covers now the entire route. Some stretches of the old N-VI have disappeared; some others have been virtually abandoned, like drifting islands – kilometres of asphalt that start and end nowhere, and with them the small villages they used to cross. Places of passage where, apparently, nothing happens anymore. Their inhabitants stay at the roadside, their lives run aground in a present with not much of a future, unconnected to each other, like watertight compartments where each one interacts, in their own way, with the passing time.