Humans have created limits to better understand society. We have divided the world with borders, we have defined human life by different stages, we have divided time into past, present and future, we have separate fantasy and reality, life and death, and we call those who overstep these boundaries of ‘normality’ crazy. Yet, life has taught us that there is so much to explore among these limits that we have created for ourselves.


This year we got inspired by the icons of Ibero-American culture who crossed the line and made dreams comes true, like Pepe Mujica, the ex-president of Uruguay, who has been considered an “antipolitician” and the president that speaks the language of the people; or the documentary film about the nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a man who pushed the boundaries of our imagination.


In the spotlight for this season we have three documentary debut gems as part of our Focus in “First Works”, from three very different parts of the Iberian Peninsula, from directors that with these first works have been able to establish themselves at prestigious international festivals. Joining us will be the Andalusian Isidro Sánchez, who will come to show us his film No Me Contéis Entre Vosotros (Don’t include me among you).


This year, the third, Iberodocs reveals its true self. In the first year, we were only recently created and coming to know the world. In the second year, we explored our sense of identity. Now in our third year, we throw etiquette aside and face these boundaries to promote a message of freedom and rebellion.



Mar Felices, Artistic director IberoDocs.






13 abril, 2016

6th May – All of Me

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