Exhibition Film is a Painted Mirror




Monday 1 May – Sunday 14 May



Filmhouse Café Bar

88 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ, UK


Our life is reflected in the screen; the actors in the camera and ourselves in the pupils of others. “Film is a painted mirror” according to Ettero Scola’s words, because the gaze is never innocent.


With this exhibition, we create a game of mirrors to talk about Ibero-America, its stories and its reflections.



Ana González Chouciño. Curator and Brit Es Magazine writer. Ana is a Galician who worked for five years in the CGAC (Galician Centre of Contemporary Art) and has contributed to several art magazines. In 2010 she moved to Edinburgh where she studied a master’s degree in Contemporary Art and has also curated many exhibitions. Since 2013 she manages the gallery Interview Room 11 in collaboration with Mirja Koponen and she promotes intensely Spanish artist in the capital city of Scotland.



Carolina Cancanilla (Spain)

David Guillén (Spain)

Ignacio Wald (Spain)

Kuba Parus (Poland)

Marta Girón Adán (Spain)

Ross Fraser McLean (Scotland)

Sandra Franco (Spain)

Víctor Tenorio (México-Spain)


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