02 Abr Manoel de Oliveira

Manoel de Oliveira

Portuguese film director Manoel de Oliveira dies aged 106. This legend was born in Porto and it is believed to be the world’s oldest filmmaker.

In his honour, we’ll be screening a short film about Porto, his hometown and beloved city, from the director David Hernández.


Part of Focus on Galicia programme

The work revolves around the observation of European cities (in this case: Porto, Portugal) as scenes lived by people and unanimated elements in continuous transformation. Images, sounds and music describing from a subjective point of view the city as a coexisted place where we meet relations between people, animals and objects. It is a Documentary because it describes something, cities, based on the recording of images and sounds of the daily life of the cities. The documentary doesn´t pretend to be a faithful portrait of the city, but to play with the language in a way that we lift the documentary to the next level: the emotion. We invite the audience to dive between the objective and subjective, between the reality and the dream, to discover the underlying essence of the city life.