15 Abr Recently passed Galeano had always believed in Paraguay’s talent

Recently passed Galeano had always believed in Paraguay’s talent

by Eva Yera

Iberodocs presents: “Cloudy Times” a documentary by Paraguayan Arami Ullón.

Paraguay has lost a friend and ally: the uruguayan writer and journalist Eduardo Galeano, who died on Monday at age 74. Galeano, a defender of Latin American indigeneous culture and its economic independence (and an enemy of any kind of oppression) first visited Paraguay during Alfredo Stroessner’s dictatorship and strongly supported the Paraguayan independence.

Galeano passed away, but fresh talent is nowadays emerging from this country. Aramí Ullón is an outstanding example. She was born in Asunción in 1978 –precisely, during Stroessner’s regime- and has just made her debut as a filmmaker with her documentary “Cloudy times”, which will be part of Iberodocs 2015 programme.

This autobiographical documentary is about memories, redemption, resignation and the struggles of ageing. Starring the director, Arami Ullón as herself, has to take a decision when her mother’s health, suffering from epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, increasingly deteriorates: should she carry on with her own life in Switzerland or should she come back to Paraguay to take care of her mother instead?

This is an intimate, dramatic and universal story that has already been awarded with few prizes across Europe: twice in the Toulouse Latin American Film Festival last month and last year in Visions du Réel International Film Festival in Switzerland as the winner of Regard Neuf’s award for Best First Film.

“Cloudy times” will land in UK embraced by Iberodocs. Its premier in the country will take place in Edinburgh, Sunday 17th of May at Filmhouse. Its director and main character, Arami Ullón, will be also there to chat about her documentary thanks to the Paraguayan Embassy in London.