24 Abr Mar Felices Gonzalez

Artistic Director

Iberodocs team - Mar Felices Gonzalez1

Profile: Born in Sevilla, my passion has always been to live and tell real stories with a touch of imagination which has led me to specialize in Creative Documentary Film. In 2012, living in Barcelona, I directed my first film and at the same time I was lucky enough to work at one of Spain´s best documentary production companies. Both learning and working here as Assistant Director, my experience with archival images for “Voices from Mozambique”, led me to digitize the footage of my own grandfather, historian Joaquin Gonzalez Moreno and start filming my second (and current) film “ The Club 8”. In 2013, my directorial debut, “The Shepherd´s Oasis” won as the Best Foreign Documentary Film at FIC·PUEBLA (Mexico).

Why have you joined/started this project? I started this project in early 2013 when I moved to Edinburgh with the idea of bringing documentary films from Spain and Latin-America to Scotland. With Edinburgh being the city of the festivals I realized there was a gap related to documentary films, and felt that my experience with filmmakers and documentary production companies, could open a window for them.

What makes Iberodocs different from other film festivals? IberoDocs is the first showcase of Iberoamerican documentary film in Scotland. There are other festivals nearby that embrace the IberoAmerican culture, but not from a documentary film point of view. In addition to the screening of the films, we want to celebrate Ibero-American culture with daily events such as a masterclass, a wine reception, a photography exhibition, opening and closing receptions and themed parties with typical music related to the film that was just shown that day.

What is, from your point of view, the contribution of this film event to Edinburgh’s cultural/social life? In bringing Ibero-American films to Scotland, Iberodocs seeks contribute to the integration process of the Ibero-American community into Scottish life. By making documentary films from countries like Spain or Brazil more accessible in Scotland, it is possible to shed light on the reality and motivations of those migrating communities here as well.

Which item in the programme makes you more happy for being able to bring it to the festival? What makes me most happy is to be able to show El tiempo nublado because this gives me the chance to invite the filmmaker Arami Ullon. She is an emergent paraguayan talent and it is one of IberoDocs most important aims, to bring this kind of work to a wider audience.

What feedback would you like to hear from the audience of the festival? Last year, the audience asked us to come to Glasgow and this year we have brought it to you! The Iberodocs team is keen to continuously improve the festival, so all suggestions and opinions are welcome!