Scotland’s Ibero-American Documentary Films Festival


La Alameda 2018

Rocío Huertas

A film that portraits economic violence, class struggle and margination through the history of an emblematic quarter in Seville. Alameda de Hércules —the underground district where Flamenco was born— was marked by prostitution and drugs and later on real estate speculation. Rocío Huertas explores these subjects through unique locals. 

With natural empathy, she also adds her memories in animated collages. Always with the marginalized, she rebuilds the experiences that made us who we are, our sense of community and how we relate to our cities. Anthropology, sociology and emotional urbanism that connects movie-making to the corners (real and imaginary) where our lives take place.

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Previous to the screening at the Banshee Labyrinth will be an animation workshop led by Rocío Huertas in collaboration with Scottish Documentary Institute.


Spain 2020 • 1hr 1min / 61mins
Spanish, English Subtitles
Certificate: 12

Sponsored by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Festivals & Awards

G Underground Film Festival-MELBOURNE Jul 2021

Best Istanbul Film Festival May 2021

Festival De Cine Europeo De Sevilla Nov 2020

Festival De Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva
Nov 2020 Selected

Festival De Cine Documental Alcances Cádiz Oct 2020


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Fri 08 Apr | 3:30 pm

Banshee Labyrinth | Edinburgh

Sat 09 Apr | 4:20 pm

CCA | Glasgow

11-17 April

Online UK

The screenings will be followed by a Q&A and movie gathering with Rocío Huertas.

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Animation Workshop with
Rocío Huertas

The Seville-based filmmaker and animator Rocío Huertas reveals the elaborate work process that has shaped her feature film La Alameda 2018 over the years. Through discarded material of the film, experiences and influences, such as La Alameda by J.S. Bollain, Huertas will compose the story of the same.

Influences, experiences and brief guidance of autofictions, will conform this workshop, using the animation as a way of expression. The participants will learn various traditional animation techniques and how to use basic tools that will enable them to make their own traditional animation film creations in the future.

Fri 08 Apr | 2:00 pm

Banshee Labyrinth | Edinburgh

In collaboration with the Scottish Documentary Institute

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