Scotland’s Ibero-American Documentary Films Festival


Movie Gatherings

Throughout the Festival, we will be running free informal movie gatherings in Edinburgh and Glasgow to discuss the films and themes of the 2022 programme. These will be run by students from cinema and anthropology studies. 

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Start conversations on the cultural framework of the screened films.


To enrich the film experience of the audience by supporting it to be more whole, bidirectional, multi-layered and collective. 

To put the cultural framework of the film into context.

To deepen the dialogue of the key themes raised by the film.

To present the “anthropological gaze” and to narrow the distance between the discipline and the general public.

To bridge cultural gaps through conversations.

What is the anthropological gaze?

To look at stories through the prism of “culture”.

Understanding how the subjects create their narratives by using, transforming or denying the underlying symbols, structures and patterns of their cultural background. 

To explore individual and collective identities.

Why do we think this is important?

The anthropological gaze allows us to understand someone else’s position and drive.

It enables us to create a close dialogue between distinct cultural groups, as opposed to raising conflict.

Title Day & City Time Venue Address
Movie Gathering: The Odd-Job Men
Thursday 7 in Edinburgh
11:00 AM
6 Brougham St, Edinburgh EH3 9JH
Movie Gathering: Barzakh (with Alejandro Salgado)
Friday 8 in Edinburgh
11:00 AM
Indaba Deli
88 S Clerk St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9PT
Movie Gathering: La Alameda 2018 (with Rocío Huertas)
Friday 8 in Edinburgh
4:30 PM
The Banshee Labyrinth
29-35 Niddry St, Edinburgh EH1 1LG
Movie Gathering: No Somos Nada (with Javier Corcuera)
Saturday 9 in Edinburgh
11:00 AM
6 Brougham St, Edinburgh EH3 9JH
Movie Gathering: Spread Through Inland
Sunday 10 in Edinburgh
11:00 AM
88 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ
Movie Gathering: Ana. Untitled
Sunday 10 in Glasgow
8:00 PM
The butterfly and the pig
153 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4SG


  • Guided conversation
  • Informal
  • In a circle
  • Closed and in a cosy space
  • Transversal themes of Territory, Belonging and Migration.


45-60 minutes


15 People


Elvira Lopez Rueda and Reyes Rodriguez Pueyo