Scotland’s Ibero-American Documentary Films Festival


Ticket Prices & Passes

All the films of the main programme are available for individual purchase:

£5 full price / £3 concessions – Individual tickets for main programme films and both short film programmes.

£15 full price / £10 concessions – Festival Pass which gives access to the full list of films in the 8th edition. Only available in the UK & Ireland, Spain & Portugal. 

When buying your pass you have access to the platform from 19 Apr to 2 May to watch films on your own time! Every day a new film is available for 48h, with the exception of 

Nothing but the Sun and Dreamed and Lived, available throughout the whole festival. 

*Please ignore Indy’s message about the 3 day rental window at purchase*

In order to pay the concessions price, add the promo code at the checkout: 

  • Concessions Individual tickets (£2/2€/2$ concession for 1 film): IDocs21Film

  • Concessions Festival Pass UK (£5 concession for the pass): IDocs21FPass

  • Concessions Festival Pass Spain & Portugal (5€ concession for the pass): IDocs21Pass2

Please, use this option only if you are: student, under 16, senior citizen over 65 and anyone in receipt of Universal Credit, Job Seeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support
Allowance or Carer’s Allowance.

FREE to access: 

Contact us at about our community tickets as we have a limited number.

How to Watch The Films

The film programme is available online from the UK, Ireland and other countries via our streaming platform: Indy on Demand in partnership
with Shift72. 

Please click here to access a list of countries where the documentaries are available.

In order to watch the documentaries, it’s essential to have an account on the platform. Please note this is free and only an email address is required to create the account. A confirmation email is sent to the inbox once the registration is completed and when a film is purchased.

Purchase & Availability

From the 19 Apr to 2 May every day a new film will be available for you to watch it for 48h, with the exception of Nothing but the Sun and Dreamed and Lived, available throughout the whole festival. 

*Please ignore Indy’s message about the 3 day rental window at purchase*

Keep an eye on our website schedule for the exact rental window date & time. 

When a film is purchased, it will appear in My Library and it will be unavailable once the rental window expires. Within this time frame, you can pause, re-watch or control your viewing as desired.

How to Join Other Activities

The masterclass and Q&As will be hosted in Zoom and they will be FREE.

Download the Zoom app from the app store or on the website

Keep an eye on the film details page on our website and social media channels for the exact date & time of the events.

The virtual photography exhibition will be available on our website. No registration is required, just click here.

System Requirements & Devices

The films can be played from multiple devices (including iPhone/iPad and android devices) via the SHIFT72 app and Chromecast to connect the device to a TV to watch the films available on the platform.

Read more about the requirements to use the platform and watch content here.

To avoid issues with the subtitles and closed captions, we recommend to use: Chrome (Mac, Windows), Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chromecast and Android app.