The Holy Innocents


(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) “Los Santos Inocentes” is a rare coincidence in the history of film where the adaptation of a literary masterpiece becomes another masterpiece in itself, something filmmaker Mario Camus succeeded in doing in the creation of a callous self-contained universe. The film is a faithful adaptation of Miguel Delibes’ […]

23 Shots: A wound still open


(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) On the 4th of December, 1977, while Spain was in the middle of la Transición —the political transition from a Francoist regime to a full democracy— Andalusia turned into a white and green tide. In its eight provinces, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to […]

There is no identity without memory

Ex Shaman

(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) IberoDocs returns this spring to Scotland being bolder than ever. The sixth edition of the festival invites us to reflect about our origin, collective memory, history and social justice. Under the tagline ‘there is no identity without memory’, the only Ibero-American documentary film festival in Scotland brings us […]

The Keys to Memory

Llaves memoria

(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) Horseshoe arches. Arabesques. Tall, thin columns. An abandoned past, left behind in ruins, forgotten. And a hand that reaches out to touch it, trying to bring it back. In just a few seconds, Jesús Armesto’s evocative shots, eloquent in their silence, show the thesis behind “Las llaves de […]


artemio short film

(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) In the current political climate, with Europe slowly embracing a xenophobic rhetoric that was thought banished in the previous century and the United States having for president a person who encourages hating the different one tweet at a time, Artemio turns out to be specially relevant. The documentary […]

Everyone in Hawaii has a sixpack already


(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) “Everybody in Hawaii has a sixpack already”. With these words, Omar rejects the idea of opening a gym there, therefore giving a title to the documentary he stars in, along with his group of friends. Moving to Hawaii is Omar’s goal. So is Giada’s, his girlfriend, who insists […]

María Converses

Maria Conversa

(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) Making offs are underrated: The audience are not taking them seriously and film critics do not invite them to the big events. Lydia Zimmermann disagrees, she always wanted to get close to this film genre. She tried to approach it along with Stefan Metz, but it did not […]

Pablo’s winter


(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) Chico Pereira | 2012 | Spanish | 76 min At its core this documentary is simultaneously a very subjective and deeply personal story. Filmmakers cannot choose between their fidelity to reality or their political views. If they could the film would be doomed to failure as the very […]

Kachkaniraqmi, I am still here


(Scroll down to read it in Spanish) Two people see each other in Peru after a very long time. —‘Kachkaniraqmi’— they say. Don’t be fooled, this word is much more than a simple greeting. It may seem almost unpronounceable to English speakers, but this word carries with it the feeling of a nation. Its direct […]